Sanco Industrial Services

Sanco Industrial Services has been providing industrial services since 1993. Based in south Alabama, Sanco is committed to providing quality service for your business. We specialize in being very mobile enabling us to bring our services to you in 48 states.

Sandblasting & Painting

We are experienced in all industrial coatings, marine coatings, and tank linings. We provide services to oil, gas, chemical, and wood product industries. Our medias include abrasives such as sand, coal slag, walnut and glass. We also have the capability to use non-sparking media for hazardous areas. NACE certified inspection available.

Veneer Equipment Cleaning

We have the capability to use walnut media, which is very aggressive in cleaning pitch and glue buildup. This process is completely damage free to bearings, hydraulic cylinders, and instrumentation. It is applicable in cleaning dryers, presses and air strips on diverters and stackers. We are able to clean the entire surface of press platinums and wall between hot and cool zones in dryers. One major advantage to cleaning fan drive motors on top of dryers is not only improved motor cooling but elimination of fuel for fires. We practically eliminate fan dive motor replacement. We are often requested to clean areas for maintainance personnel prior to their projects, which makes progress more effecient and faster.

Precipitator Cleaning

The use of a much more aggressive media works well in removing ash buildup from plates in precipitators. This process reduces the number of shortages which in enables it to work more efficiently. We can clean from hangers at the top all the way to conveyor troughs at the bottom. The top does not have to be removed to perform job which saves money.

Baghouse maintenance and repair

We are pleased to now offer maintenance and repair services for all brands of baghouse style filtration. We can perform monthly inspection/maintenance, annual E.P.A. inspections or total bag replacement overhauls.

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